How is LTC Worx Implemented?

Built to directly meet the needs of companies producing high volumes of multilingual content, LTC Worx provides the very latest business management and workflow software. Gain a full insight into the workings of your multilingual organisation by optimising and centralising information with LTC Worx. Automate what you can, control what you need.

    • Global enterprises: Internal, dedicated language services departments can implement LTC Worx to manage their day-to-day business. This is especially true for departments that operate as cost centers or separate business units who serve internal customers.
    • Language service providers: LSPs can implement LTC Worx as the main system for managing their business. It connects translation process management and global content management with existing tools for accounting and supplier management, as well as front-end tools for lead and customer relationship management.
  • Other functions: Sometimes companies discover that multiple internal departments (such as Marketing or Training) are ordering translation and localisation services independently. For these companies, LTC Worx acts as the service consolidator, centralising the company’s multilingual related operations.

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