LTC Worx translation and business management system

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LTC Worx is a business management solution that handles project management tasks and other business-related functions for an integrated, end-to-end approach to your communication tasks. Users report a significant increase in productivity, and an average return on investment (ROI) of only a few months.

LTC Worx features a robust module for project management, as well as components to handle other business functions such as budgeting, resource allocation and invoicing. LTC Worx is ideally suited for producing and managing vast amounts of multilingual content

In addition, LTC Worx is easily customisable to operate with virtually any application including translation memory, machine translation, financial systems, HR, CRM, etc. As a result, LTC Worx is flexible enough to manage translation workflows for any industry. How? The tool uses customisable “templates” that manage workflows in these basic functions:

  • File-based: Manage tasks such as localisation, translation, authoring and version control
  • Session-based: Handle any task that requires a resource to be at a certain place at a certain time such as interpretation, testing, consultancy, etc.
  • Other: Build processes for generic tasks

With user-friendly, flexible setup tools in LTC Worx, it’s simple to configure your system. No coding skills are required. Once your basic workflow is set up, you can customise additional components to meet your needs for:

  • Resource allocation: Maintain a comprehensive set of data regarding each resource (for example, languages used, tool proficiency, etc.); easily locate the right resource and calculate associated pricing.
  • Finance: Generate and track administrative documents such as purchase orders (POs) and invoices.
  • Reporting: Integrates with Crystal Reports for basic reports; custom reports are simple to create as well.

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