Software Localisation

LTC localisation iconWhen it comes to software localisation, you need more than simple user-interface translation. Effective localisation goes beyond the user interface to include everything that tells the world that you are a player in a global marketplace. LTC is both a software developer and a software localisation service provider, so we approach your software localisation project from a cohesive and coordinated point of view. If necessary, we can even develop specialized tools that streamline your localisation project.

Unparalleled experience

We have more than 20 years experience managing complex, large-scale software and website localisation projects. Our methodology is well-defined, proven, and thoroughly documented – and can be modified to meet your needs.

LTC localisation Service Facts:

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Our localisation specialists:

Our team of experienced localisation project managers is supported by software experts who are proficient in the leading programming languages and experienced in the challenges of localizing both software and websites. We help you every step of the way – from initial consultation through the actual localisation of your software and all accompanying materials.

LTC has a large database of certified localisers who cover many subject areas, such as computing, software, telecommunications, finance, law and engineering in more than 40 languages. Our experts are thoroughly assessed before they are accepted as “LTC qualified”. We assign only native speakers of the target language who have appropriate knowledge of the subject area.

Our methodology for software localisation:

First, we advise you on internationalisation issues, if applicable. Internationalisation means the preparation of your source code to facilitate the quick and hassle-free localisation of your software product. The earlier you internationalize, the easier and more cost-effective the process will be. Good preparation also means faster turnaround time for updates and quicker implementation of additional languages.

We then localise your software. Our team of localisation experts uses only cutting-edge localisation, translation and workflow tools that are chosen to suit your project. By doing so, we can offer affordable prices and fast turnaround times, even for complex projects.

We have expertise not only in software and website localisation, but also in all aspects of translation. We can translate your content, such as online help, content samples and sample databases, printed manuals, marketing brochures, installation guides, copyright information, packaging and so on, from many native formats.