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LTC Consultancy iconMake a consultancy arrangement with LTC and you will have access to the collective resources of a global leader in language technology and services. Consultancy services from LTC help you streamline work processes, while selecting the best-of-breed technologies and services for your business requirements.

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LTC consultancy facts:

Establishing consistent multilingual information management

LTC helps companies establish and optimise consistent multilingual information management to ensure a unified corporate identity across continents, cultures and languages. LTC provides many different kinds of expertise.

We accelerate your company's efforts to establish consistent global information management by:

  • Analysing your company requirements in detail
  • Identifying language-intensive business processes
  • Defining and implementing efficient workflow strategies
  • Developing client-specific solutions
  • Enabling rapid access to translated content for information purposes
  • Ensuring quick, reliable and cost-effective translation of content

LTC develops adapters, interfaces and any other applications needed to create or enhance a seamless solution.